Tao of the Buddha

for 2021 I have a new resolution for a new year of struggle. The pandemic has changed us all, regardless of who we are or our place in society. I want to do what I believe is right and its not always the norm. I want to help people by not helping them directly, but by providing the means for them to help themselves. I want to develop an app that allows people to regulate daily reminders and can act as a virtual doctor/psychiatrist, to allow people the ability to control and regulate their bad habits/cope with addictions and bad tendencies. Example; being on their smart devices too much, social media, phone, not being healthy, drinking too much, depression. This app can be programmed to make alerts and reminders to stop habits and monitor and regulate a better lifestyle.

The Tao of the Buddha is doing something good by not doing anything at all. I have come to realized that the world can go in so many directions. It can go in a straight line and in circles and many other directions. The Tao of the Buddha can travel in many ways. It can be something as simple as giving food to people who are hungry.

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