Fabric of the Universe 001

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~ Buddha

“There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the Field and Matter, for the Field is the only Reality.” ~ Albert Einstein

Quantum mechanics

Science of Buddhism 001: Field of the Universe

I believe the field of the universe may be made up of quantum particles and waves in correlation with many dimensions of space. Examen de Genetidyne – Suppléments d’entraînement aux protéines de musculation la peau pantalons de survêtement pour hommes automne hiver homme sarouel fitness bodybuilding joggers pantalon d’entraînement hommes pantalons décontractés en coton crayon homme – hotsale. The field of space is made of inter-dimensional points where particles and waves exist in multiple points in the universe independent of time. (Take in consideration buy trenbolone enanthate at uk online store that time does not exist.) Quantum particles act as a prime particle to open theoretical worm-holes in the fabric of spacetime. The universe is covered with quantum particles similar to water molecules covering the ocean. Quantum particles are everywhere in the universe and can be changed into different types of subatomic particles like protons, neutrons, and electrons. Photos are “key” particles where it acts as a key to open a doorway. There are currently 57 different quantum particles that have been identified like quarks, lepots, and electrons. Photos are particularly important because it acts as a wave and a particle. They are like the master key particle that acts as the igniter particle. When ignited, it has the power to become any particle in existence. 

Quantum electrons can move anywhere in the universe without affecting the fabric of spacetime hence, making it possible for it to travel anywhere instantaneously.   

The idea of the universe is alive and has sentient properties is possible. As quantum experiments have shown that particles like “Buckminsterfullerine” in the double slit experiment, Buckyballs can produce wave function. This particle can determine its own path from all possible paths available. Could it be that particles could have their own consciousness like humans?  

The faster an object travels, the smaller the object becomes. 

The pole and the barn both do not go anywhere in the conceivable universe. Consciousness and perception are subjective in the conceivable universe.  Imagine the pole and the barn are made of matter, mass, and energy, but speed and direction are human perceptions of the conceivable universe. In actuality, the barn and the pole can exist anywhere in the universe at any time. Distance and speed is no longer relevant.    


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